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Centers and Research

The Faculty of Business and Management at the University of Balamand is dedicated to conducting research that contributes to solving real business/management problems and advancing theoretical knowledge. Consistent with UOB's Ten Year Strategic Plan, FOBM’s own strategic plan for the coming decade re-emphasized this commitment. From this perspective, our academic disciplines are currently more than ever informed and continually invigorated by research and scholarship that reflect our Faculty's efforts towards underpinning teaching with scientific inquiry, and informing our future direction and objectives as a Faculty that is committed to the advancement of knowledge and its application to modern business society.
Moreover, the opening of the Economics and Capital Market Research Center (ECMRC) in 2007 was instrumental in the Faculty’s efforts aiming at linking the theoretical knowledge to real life market issues. Other research units/collaborations pertaining to the same aim look promising as well, particularly in the areas of accounting, marketing and environmental economics.
Our ten year strategic plan has envisioned the following objectives related to the advancement of research activities in the Faculty:
  • Identify research areas where faculty can excel,
  • Specify clear metrics for research,
  • Assess potential research collaboration with other UOB programs,
  • Encourage interdisciplinary research,
  • Run Faculty internal research events where faculty members and students can share their output,
  • Run at least one research forum per academic year,
  • Submit proposals to fund research projects.
Viewing research as central to the Faculty’s mission, every opportunity will be seized to fortify the research directions and support faculty members in developing professionally.

Fields of Interest and Ongoing Projects
The Faculty of Business and Management currently has six areas of thrust in research carried out by full-time faculty members:
Dr. Gretta Saab
Economic Growth and Development, Bilateral Agreements, and Exchange Rate Regimes
Dr. Hala Kheir
Management and Management Education
Dr. Roula Al-Daia’
Environmental Economics
Dr. Husni Charif
Theoretical and Applied Statistics and Quantitative Methods
Mr. Paul Douaihy
Economic Indicators and Financial Markets (professional studies)
Moreover, all faculty members are active in supervising and examining undergraduate and graduate research projects and theses.

Financial Markets and Economic Indicators
In late 2007, the Faculty of Business and Management established a research center bearing the name “Economic and Capital Markets Research Center”. This Center is a Banque Libano-Francaise partnered initiative. It is directed by Mr. Paul Doueihy, a former strategist with HSBC Paris, France and employs one Junior Economist in addition to several students as trainees.
The overall objective of this Center is to provide strategic advice to major players in the Lebanese Financial Sector based on anticipated key market developments. It aims at being a hub for economists and financiers. Moreover, the Center plays a major role in coaching faculty members, students and professionals on technical economic and financial skills.
In order to disseminate the results of its analyses, the Center publishes different research and professional reports, in particular:
  1. A daily monitor of global markets and G7 economies.
  2. An economic calendar of major economic and financial events.
  3. A monthly report analyzing economic developments in major countries and covering issues related to recent economic trends in these countries and to their monetary and fiscal policies.
Since its inception, the Center co-organized several applied research seminars, notable among these:
Global Financial Crisis: Analysis and Implications | Key Speakers: Bhavesh Patel PhD, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Paul Beaumont PhD, Visiting Professor, Florida State University, Mr. Paul Doueihy, Director ECMRC | 21 October 2008.
The Oil Shock: Analysis and Impact on the International Economy | Key Speakers: Mr. Pierre Terzian, President of Petro Strategies, Mr.Walid Raphael, Deputy General Manager at Banque Libano-Francaise, Mr. Paul Doueihy, Director ECMRC | 16 June 2008.
Is the Dollar Damaged Goods? | Key Speaker: Mr. David Bloom, Global Head of Forex Research at HSBC | 22 October 2009.
In addition to many press conferences, training sessions and research seminars.

International Trade and Finance
Dr. Saab is an Associate Professor of Economics and Chairperson of the Economics Department. She is also an active member of the American Economic Association. Her research interests are in the areas of international economics, trade and finance. Dr. Saab regularly appears in media as an authority on economics and policy making subjects. She has also worked as a consultant to the ESCWA and the World Bank for public sector related issues.

Management and Management Education
Dr. Kheir joined the Faculty in 2009 after pursuing a PhD at the University of Leicester in England. She has previouly taught a range of courses in the areas of management and marketing at the undergraduate and graduate levels, in addition to seminars in leadership and business ethics. Her current areas of intereset are in the fields of education management, management, and marketing.

Environmental Economics and Trade
Dr. Roula Al Daia’ joined the University of Balamand in 2008 after having pursued a doctorate in economics at Université Paris Dauphine. She is currently associated with both the Faculty of Business and Management and the Institue of the Environment. Her research interests include free trade agreements and environmental economics.

Theoretical and Applied Statistics
Dr. Husni Charif joined the Faculty in 2010 as a Visiting Associate Professor. Before joining us, Dr. Husni worked at the University of Dubai as Director of Institutional Effectiveness and General Curriculum Undergraduate Requirements. He has currently two joint journal articles accepted for publication in the International Research Journal of Finance & Economics (Rettab, B. R., and Charif, H. Why Do Firms Venture In External Markets? The Case of Dubai) and the International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management (Tamimi, H., and Charif, H. Assessing Performance Factors in the UAE Commercial Banks Using Different Approaches). His research interests lie in the field of quantitative methods and in quality assurance and accreditation.
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