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University of Balamand > News > Inauguration of the Riad Rizk and Khalil Rizk Engineering Building

Ms. Joumana Rizk, Mr. Emile Rizk, President Salem, Dr. Michel Najjar unveil the plaque at the
inauguration ceremony

The University of Balamand Celebrated The Inauguration of The Riad Rizk and Khalil Rizk Engineering Building

Balamand, October 10th , 2017: The University of Balamand celebrated the inauguration of the Riad Rizk and Khalil Rizk Civil Engineering building in the presence of Ms. Joumana Rizk, the daughter of the late Riad Rizk, Mr. Emile Rizk, The President of the University Dr. Elie Salem, Vice President Dr. Michel Najjar, Dean of the faculty of Engineering, Vice President Dr. Nadim Karam and a number of Deans,  Directors, Chairpersons and members of the Faculty of Engineering, in addition to large number of students. 

In his speech, Dr. Salem praised Mr. Riad Rizk for his generous donation stating that this important gesture from a leading businessman on both national and international levels doesn’t only reflect a financial support but a moral one as well. He added: “this donation stems from the belief of Mr. Rizk in the importance of the engineering field, his gratitude to his community and his trust in the University’s board and its mission of graduating current and future students who are geared to serve their community in different fields of expertise”.

For her part, Ms. Joumana Rizk thanked the University of  Balamand, stating that her father, the late Riad Rizk, believed in education as the most important asset for the building of the society, the entire nation and the future. She added: “I hope that the University of Balamand and this new home for engineers will be a center of excellence in Lebanon and the region”. 

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Vice President Dr. Michel Najjar, expressed his appreciation to Ms. Rizk, and remembered the late Riad Rizk as “a pioneer in the engineering profession, expressing the pride of the university and the faculty of engineering in carrying the name of Riad Rizk and Khalil Rizk”. 

Following the unveiling of the commemorative plaque, all attendees toured the new premises, visiting the multidisciplinary laboratories and various other sections where Vice President Dr. Najjar showcased the different programs offered at the Faculty of Engineering. 

At the end of the visit, Dr. Salem held a lunch in Ms. Joumana Rizk’s honor, gathering Deans from the University, Directors and Heads of Departments from the Faculty of Engineering.
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