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Purchases Guidelines

The Procurement’s Office and the Information Technology Department (IT) standardized the hardware and software purchases. Standardization serves you and serves the team.

In order to provide the end user with the best possible services, a standard has been put in place for purchasing hardware and software. The standardization is essential to provide you fast and efficient services. This norm allows both the purchasing and the IT to follow certain set of standards such as:

The support team becomes familiar with the hardware and the selected operating systems and software applications. It also helps the IT team stocking spare parts to minimize downtime. The network, software and hardware teams plan and coordinate activities to insure deliveries are installed properly and on time.

Computer Purchases: 
On a yearly basis, the IT team provides the purchasing department with a new standards for desktop and laptops based on vendor services, warranty, prices and needs.

All computers and printers purchases must go through the procurement’s office in coordination with the IT. The hardware specification for PCs, laptops and printers are available at the Information Technology Department. A list of standard specifications can be obtained by sending a mail to or by dialing 4357.

A faculty or a staff member who wishes to purchase hardware of or software out of the standardized list must seek the Dean’s or Director’s approval. Authorization for such purposes are granted if and only if the standard specification cannot support the need.


Computer Laboratories
Computer labs equipment are funded by the correspondent department and can be used by the students with in the department. All lab supervisors are urged to submit a plan in writing to the IT department and the procurement office, including details of hardware specs, software needs, and future upgrades to the lab. If approved by the department chairperson/dean, the equipment may then be purchased. The IT department will support the standard campus domain image install the standard software on including antivirus and the Network connectivity.

Please note the IT department will not support non-standard applications on any computer. 

Replacement and repairs of departmental lab computer equipment will be the responsibility of the department and lab supervisors that sets up the lab.

Special Computers
Special purpose computers are computers that do not fit within the standard categories set by the IT department and procurement office. Examples of this would be a cash register computer; a media computer, PC designed to test software; a special computer with high computational power for research; a high resolution VGA station for graphic design/architects and many others. 

The specs of a special purpose computer must be set by the requesting person (faculty member, engineer, staff, etc.) in coordination with the IT department. Once the specs are set, the budget accommodating for this special purpose machine must be approved by the dean/director/controller and purchased by the procurement office. 

The IT department will support the standard software on these computers if the standard domain image is used. The IT department will handle all repairs that are covered under warranty. The IT department will not support non-standard domain image, nor any non-standard applications. 

Computer Accessories
All computers will include a standard monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  Additional or non-standard accessories which are necessary for the performance of an employee’s job require Dean or Director’s approval. If approved, all items are ordered through the procurement office. ​ When approved, the procurement office will purchase the accessories, according to the available/approved budget. Special accessories and requests (like but not limited to, Laptop special colors, Laptop thickness, special camera, and many others) will need to be approved by the Dean or Director. ​

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