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  1. Physical Security
    The University main campus of 453,000 m2 is guarded by team of security personnel properly spread around campus. The main gate telephone extension (341) could be contacted 24x7x365 to report any incident or suspicious activity. In charge of the security team is Mr. Michel Lakkis.

  2. Transportation (Students, Faculty and Staff)
    The University provides transportation services to its students, faculty, and staff. A shuttle
    service is provided on campus. Students could travel to and from the North Lebanon’s main city of Tripoli on several shuttles that leave the campus in 30 minute intervals. Staff members are transported daily to and from their homes in North Lebanon and Beirut via several routes. Special transportation services are also provided for faculty and staff to attend special events on and off campus. In charge of transportation is Mr. Jamal Ghanem.

  3. AV support
    Several Auditoriums and conference halls are available on campus. The P&CS office provides scheduling for conference hall use and supports events with AV support including sound, video, LCD projectors, as needed. In charge of AV support is Mr. Michel Lakkis, aided by Mr. Jack Daher.

  4. University Catering
    The P&CS Office caters for special events that take place on campus. The University conducts several such events each year. Events usually take place in the Library Piazza, the Student Activities Building , or the Green Field.

  5. Faculty and Student Housing
    Several apartments on campus are currently housed by Faculty members. The P&CS office is the primary contact for on-campus residents for all their housing services from contracts to simple maintenance. Student housing is also maintained by the Office. University housing is projected to expand to a small village in the University Master Plan.

  6. Parking
    Several parking areas are available for cars on campus. These parking areas are appropriately distributed around campus, with sufficient parking space allocated for students, faculty, and staff.

  7. General Workmanship
    Office moves and daily material handling services are provided through workers of the P&CS office

  8. Beirut Campus services
    These services are performed by delegated staff at the Beirut campus
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