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Financial Support

The University of Balamand offers financial support to eligible students whose financial situation does not allow them to cover educational costs.
Financial support consists of (1) Financial Aid (Need Scholarship), (2) Student Work (for Undergraduate Students) and (3) Assistantship (for Graduate Students).
Students should submit an application for financial aid to the Office of Financial Aid (Zakhem 111) and/or for student work to the Office of Student Affairs (Zakhem 118). For Graduate Assistantship, the applications are submitted through the respective Faculties.  In order to qualify, students should:
  1. Be enrolled as regular students
  2. Have a good academic record (academic standing)
  3. Be in financial need
  4. Not on disciplinary probation

Financial Aid:
Accepted new students seeking Financial Aid should submit the Financial Aid application by mid October (if joining UOB during the Fall semester) or by mid March (if joining UOB during the Spring semester). For Continuing Students, Financial Aid Applications should be submitted by mid May for the next academic year. The application is valid for one academic year. The Office of Financial Aid provides information and application materials associated with the date of submittals and works closely with a committee who is responsible for reviewing the applications.

The majority of financial aid programs require that the student demonstrates "financial need" in order to qualify. Financial need is the difference between the estimated cost of attendance (student budget) and the amount the student and his/her family are expected to contribute toward these costs. UOB uses a mandated need analysis formula to determine the family’s ability to contribute. This formula considers the following factors:
  1. Family size.
  2. Number of family members in college and age of parents (dependent students).
  3. Income and assets in order to assess a family’s financial strength.
Application forms are available at the Office of Student Affairs (Zakhem 118) or at the Financial Aid Office (Zakhem 111) and may be downloaded from the following link:

Student Work:
The University of Balamand provides assistance to students interested in obtaining on-campus employment to defray part of their educational expenses through a Student Work Program. The Office of Student Affairs coordinates plans of the Student Work Program with department heads and directors.
Eligibility for work requires that a student:
  1. Had completed one semester at UOB as a full-time student.
  2. Is enrolled as an undergraduate full-time student (with minimum of 12 credits during the Fall and Spring semesters and a minimum of 6 credits during the Summer semester).
  3. Has no Probation or poor academic performance.  
  4. A demonstrated potential in extra-curricular activities.
Students may work a maximum of fifteen hours per week. Students are compensated in the form of tuition reduction at a rate of LBP 9000 per hour. Student work opportunities available on campus vary from clerical work to laboratory and library assistants.
Application forms may be downloaded from the following link:
Applications should be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs (Zakhem 118) within the specified deadlines for each semester (to be posted on bulletin boards and website and announced by email).

Graduate Assistantship:
Students may earn financial support through the Graduate Assistantship Program. Graduate assistantships are available and may be obtained through the Faculty they are enrolled in.

More steps in Applying for financial aid and Student Work:
Financial Aid Deadline
Student Work Deadline
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