Global Entrepreneurship Week

During the Global Entrepreneurship Week on the 16th, 17th and 18th of November 2018, Beyond Reform and Development, SHiFT Social Innovation Hub, and NAWAT conducted a two and a half day workshop in collaboration with the Faculty of Business and Management at the University of Balamand. Yes, Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday! The workshop involved idea generation, business plans generation, and pitching. The participants, students from different majors at UOB, were divided into ten teams who in turn shared their ideas with coaches and experts and in the presence of Dr. Nasr, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management. The coaches and experts guided participants every step of the way. At the end of the week, each team had to share their idea in front of the jury members: Dr. Samer El Hajjar, Mr. Bilal Ayoubi, Mr. Georges Farah, Ms. Najwa Sahmarani and Ms. Hoda Rfaii.

The winning teams were:
1st place: “ExtraPeel” for $1,200
2nd place: “Trust Watch” for $800
3rd place: “Re-Tire” for $600
4th place: “NPL” for $400.

Students expressed their appreciation for the experience. Some of the comments made by them are:
  1. Amazing event. I feel that I have learnt so many valuable things.
  2. The most helpful thing about the workshop for me was the positive and supportive atmosphere.
  3. It clarified some basic questions that I had about feasibility studies.