UOB Students Elected to Leadership Positions in LeMSIC

UOB Students Elected to Leadership Positions in LeMSIC

In recent elections of the Lebanese Medical Students International Committee (LeMSIC), five University of Balamand students have been elected to leadership positions. Asad Haidar was elected LeMSIC President, Chris Jreij Vice President for Internal Affairs, Reem Mansour National Officer for Human Rights and Peace, Joseph Hawly National Public Health Officer, and Nour El Samad, UOB Local Director. With their colleagues, the elected officers will be leading LeMSIC and its activities across all Lebanese Medical Schools for this term.

LeMSIC has a broad representation of more than 500 medical students from six different Medical Schools across Lebanon. The committee works with several non-governmental organizations. It is recognized as a full National Member Organization within the ‘International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), and a worldwide medical student representative by the World Health Organization and the World Medical Association.

The University of Balamand has been home to an active LeMSIC chapter since 2011. Their activities range from raising awareness on public health, human rights and reproductive health issues to involving students actively in medical curricula reforms and medical education.

Since its establishment, LeMSIC UOB has amassed several achievements such as coordinating International Award-Winning initiatives, attaining positions within the International Teams and the Executive Board of IFMSA, and being recognized as an influential stakeholder by several organizations in the country.

Acting Dean of Admissions, Registration, and Student Affairs, Dr. Walid Moubayed congratulated the newly elected officers on behalf of the UOB community. “It brings us great pleasure to see our active students excel in professional societies on national and international scales” he said. The Office of Student Affairs has closely worked with the Faculty of Medicine to support all LeMSIC activities and initiatives. Dr. Moubayed concluded: “We are glad to see our students leading LeMSIC and we assure them our unyielding support.”