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International & National Educational Relations

Since its foundation in 1988, the University of Balamand has worked diligently to establish a network of national and international relations.

All actions undertaken in the area of those 
relations have been marked by the need to link the University with internationally recognized centers of excellence and to set up training projects over the medium and long terms.

Consequently, we have given priority to assuring our faculty members access to recognized research facilities.
This access allows our faculty and graduate-level researchers the opportunity to stay abreast of innovations and to undertake cutting-edge research. In this spirit, we have organized researcher and student exchanges and have welcomed eminent national and​ international visiting professors.

Click on any of the links below to identify the University’s cooperative agreements with universities and centers of learning around the globe.
 I.  Agreements with Lebanese Universities
 II.  Agreement with AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie)​
 III.  Agreements with universities in Arab countries
 IV.  Agreements with universities in Amsterdam
 V.  Agreements with universities in Australia
 VI.  Agreements with universities in Austria
 VII.  Agreements with universities in Belgium
 VIII.  Agreements with universities in Canada
 IX.  Agreements with universities in France
 X.  Agreements with universities in Germany
 XI.  Agreements with universities in Italy
 XII.  Agreements with universities in Netherlands
 XIII.  Agreements with universities in Romania
 XIV.  Agreements with universities in Russia
 XV.  Agreements with universities in Ukraine
 XVI.  Agreements with universities in U.K.
 XVII.  Agreements with universities in U.S.A.
 XVIII.  Agreements with Spanish Speaking institutions
 XIX.  Agreements with various institutions
 XX.  Memberships
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