Master in Financial Economics (MFE)

The principal objective of the program is to provide students with a broad understanding of Financial Theory and the Economics framework upon which that theory is based. The MFE program aims at enabling students to focus on different aspects of Economics and Finance disciplines in which they have prior knowledge or experience, to learn how to conduct relevant research in the disciplines of Economics and Finance, and to undertake a research project on a topic within the area of Financial Economics. The program prepares students for entry to the Economic or Finance practices or professions and equips them to enter doctoral studies or to pursue relevant professional certifications.

All students pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management must complete 33 credits. The core courses consist of 21 credits, and the rest may be met through one of the following tracks:
  • - Two elective course (3 credits) + Field Project (ECON598 - 3 credits).​
  • - One elective course (3 credits) + Thesis (ECON599 - 6 credits). ​