Message from the Acting Dean

Engineering is the discipline where curiosity, compassion, innovation, and intellect are deployed to solve evolving problems and create breakthroughs aiming at providing better life conditions. It is truly a noble profession that has the power to change lives. This is I why I chose to become an Engineer.

Today more than ever, engineers are needed to address the most pressing problems facing society, the challenges relating to the future and sustainability of our cities, infrastructure, energy and resources. They will design the future of how we move, communicate, and work. They will transform healthcare, education, communications and our built environment. To face all these challenges and many more, we need innovative engineers who are natural leaders equipped with necessary education, skill sets, ethics, and experience.

At the University of Balamand, the Faculty of Engineering is proud to be the home of worldly scholars, dedicated staff, and a vibrant student community. Over the past two decades, our engineering programs have been reviewed and modified to incorporate the latest technological advances, with increasing emphasis on the learning process. With our ever-improving facilities and laboratories, enrollment at the Faculty has grown from about 600 students ten years ago to around 1,000 today, coming from diverse backgrounds. Although as a university we are quite young, we are truly proud of our alumni and the impact they have had on the industry and the engineering profession in their various fields of work in Lebanon, the region, and around the world.

We continuously seek to push the traditional boundaries of knowledge. Our state-of-art-research addresses critical issues in various areas of engineering employing the experience of our faculty and creativity of our zealous students putting it into action at our advanced laboratory facilities. We believe in research that bases itself on the needs of society and the local community.

We maintain close links with the industry and continuously seek new ways to share insights and expertise through our various departments, as well as through our Engineering Research and Innovation Center. We also endeavor to align our programs with local and international industry advancements and needs and for that we solicit the help of our professional advisory boards.

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Balamand!

Elie Karam, PhD
Acting Dean of Engineering