The 1MAP 1 Million Action Postcard Initiative

The one million Action Postcard (1MAP) is a unique initiative launched by the University of Balamand that affords an opportunity for the general public, from all over the world, to express themselves in a unique way. The aim is to shed light on water related topics and mobilize global efforts to raise awareness and act responsibly.

About the 1MAP 1 million Action Postcard initiative:
1 MAP was launched by the UOB-LEWAP student chapter and its advisor Dr. Yasmine Jabaly. Additionally, the Principles of Environmental Engineering Course students at the Faculty of Engineering are actively engaged in the initiative as they toured more than X schools during the fall semester to raise awareness about water related topics and to spread the word about this initiative. On an international level, the initiative is strongly backed by WaveMakers United. This initiative is actually UOB LEWAP’s bid to participate in the UN2023 game changer challenge. The initiative aims to raise awareness on water-related topics by mobilizing school and university students to share their unique inputs on water topics.

Here’s the catch though: ideas and action plans should be expressed using specially designed postcards. All postcards will then be collected and assembled to create the biggest mosaic 1MAP.

This initiative stems from the University of Balamand’s strong commitment to sustainability and to raise awareness on sustainability issues.

Rules of participation:
  • • Design a postcard to raise awareness on water-related topics
  • • Participants should be school-aged students
  • • Once received, the postcards will be reviewed by our volunteers and added to our database.
  • • Once enough postcards are collected, the database will be shared so that everyone can browse through it.

Submission Requirements: Send an email to with the following information:
  • - First Name
  • - Last Name
  • - Country
  • - Age
  • - School/ Organization
And attach your postcard in one of the following formats: JPEG, JPG, or PDF.
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