About the University of Bala​mand

A forward-thinking institution for higher education, the University of Balamand empowers both scholars and graduates to ask unconventional questions and cross-disciplinary boundaries to preserve freedom of thought and enrich the intercultural dialogue in Lebanon and the Arab world. 

The University of Balamand was founded as an independent non-profit institution for higher education in 1988 by Patriarch Ignatius IV, Patriarch of Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church. Inspired by the Tradition of the Antiochian Christian Orthodox Church in promoting the welfare of humanity and its highest values of tolerance, openness, and compassion; the university welcomes all students and does not discriminate by religion, race, sex, nationality or physical disability.

The University of Balamand strongly holds the view that thought without application and relevance to human needs is incomplete; hence it offers its students hands-on application of theories, relevant training and practical knowledge in their respective fields. Scholars and students are invited to share the dedication of the university in graduating professionals who are well-rounded critical thinkers and active citizens in society.

The university is administered by the President, who is assisted by vice-presidents, deans and directors; together, they are accountable to a Board of Trustees that consist of 34 members. The majority of programs follow the American system of education and are conducted in English, except for a few programs in French and Arabic.