The Freshman Program

The Freshman Program aims primarily at students holding a High School Certificate following a Non-Lebanese Baccalaureate Program. The courses for the Freshman Program- with a highly structured and challenging curriculum - at the University of Balamand are designed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations set by the Lebanese Ministry of Education.

Upon the Successful completion of the Freshman Year, students will apply for the sophomore year in the desired undergraduate program or in any university that follows the American educational system.

Admission Criteria
Please note that Holders of the Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalent may not apply for admission to the Freshman class.
  • - A High School Certificate based on 12 years of schooling, starting with Grade One. This certificate must be awarded by state or private schools that are recognised by both the Lebanese Ministry of Education and the University of Balamand.
  • - Permission from the Equivalence Committee of the Lebanese Ministry of Education allowing them to pursue their higher education by a foreign program. The Ministry of Education may request evidence of having lived and studied outside Lebanon for at least two years.
  • - Before Admission or during Freshmen year take the SAT Subject Tests as follows:
    • a. For the Sciences Track: Mathematics II (obligatory) plus two tests chosen from Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.
    • b. For the Arts Track: Mathematics I (obligatory) plus any other two tests.

Promotion to Sophomore Class:
Upon the successful completion of the Freshman Class, students should obtain an equivalence to the Lebanese Baccalaureate from the Ministry of Education. After acquiring the "Official Equivalence Certificate", students will be promoted to the Sophomore Class at UOB without having to sit for the UOB Entrance Exams.

Program Specifications
Applicants are admitted to the Freshman class in either the Arts Track or Sciences Track. Students should discuss with their advisors to ensure that the number of credits and the types of subjects taken during their Freshman year follow the requirements of the “Equivalence Committee” of the Lebanese Ministry of Education. These requirements are as follows: Courses may be chosen from different topics as distributed under the above categories:

Category Freshman
Humanities minimum 9 credits in Humanities & Social Sciences
Mathematics minimum  3 credits in Mathematics
Natural Sciences minimum 3 credits in Natural Sciences  
Social Sciences minimum 9 credits in Humanities & Social Sciences
Electives maximum of 3 credits of fine Arts
Total 30

Courses may be chosen from different topics as distributed under the above categories:

Humanities History, Languages, Literature, Philosophy

Social Sciences Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Public Administration, Business Administration, Political Sciences, Management

Natural Sciences Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Astronomy, Nutrition


Electives Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics & Arts

If you require more information about the Freshman Program, please contact:
Dr Hanna Nakat
Freshman coordinator (Main Campus)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​