Research Centers and Institutes

Original Research is central to the University of Balamand’s mission. Numerous research centers and institutes fall under the Universty’s umbrella. Through these knowledge think-tanks, the University of Balamand supports both students and faculty in their search for research, to promote free inquiry and critical thinking.

Centers and Institutes

Center for Christian-Muslim Studies (CCMS)
The Center for Christian-Muslim Studies draws on the heritage of The Monastery of Balamand and builds on the tradition of learning and dialogue between the Antiochian Orthodox Church and Islam. The center supports an exchange common to both religions based on the universal principles of human conduct, a shared heritage by people of the land, Muslim and Christian alike, and, a recognition that they also share the same destiny.

Center for Engineering and Environmental Studies (CEES)
CEES provides the opportunity for faculty members to translate their expertise into practice, and for students to practically develop their learning experience in the fields of engineering and environmental sciences.

Balamand Institute of Aeronautics (BIA)
The mission of BIA is to advance all aspects of aeronautics, in line with the needs and requirements of the Lebanese and regional industry through the creation, accumulation and dissemination of academic knowledge. The institute continues to work with airlines, maintenance organizations, manufacturers, regulators and service providers, doing its best to answer their needs.

Institute of Environment (IOE)
The Institute of the Environment aims to increase the understanding, appreciation and protection of the natural environment. It actively motivates students and the public at large in Lebanon and the region to participate more effectively in the advancement of ethical and competent environmental practices. more >>

Zeenni Technology Center for Engineering and Industrial Research
The Zeenni Center for Engineering Technology and Industrial Research (ZCETIR) at the University of Balamand aims to serve as a training ground for engineers and technologists in different areas that are vital to today’s industry.

Geographical Information Systems Center (GISC)
The GIS Center is a well-equipped and fully-staffed GIS facility devoted to advancing GIS knowledge to the highest of standards in line with the University mission of excellence and national priorities. The University uses GIS to integrate education, community-based research and service projects.

Economics and Capital Markets Research Center (ECMRC)
ECMRC is dedicated to reducing the significant gap between the theoretical knowledge gained at a university and the real needs of the financial sector, especially in relation to markets by building a bridge to connect the academic and business worlds.

Ma3bar is the Arab Support Center for Free and Open Source Software. The center strives to disseminate free and open source software as a philosophy and culture in academia and Arab societies. Ma3bar is committed to contributing to social and economic development in the Arab region by promoting the use and development of free and open source software.