Administrative Offices

Office of the Comptroller

The office of the Comptroller serves the University Community in a professional, efficient and innovative manner. It is responsible for the development of financial accounting and related policies to control and safeguard University assets, and provides accurate and timely financial reporting, payroll, billing, cash collection and payment services. T: 06930250 Email:

Office of Procurement and Campus Services

The University of Balamand's Office of Procurement and Campus Services (OPS) is in charge of the following tasks: purchasing and contracts, space allocation, store supplies, security, transportation, audio & video support, university catering, faculty and student housing. The OPS plays a crucial role among the many branches of the vibrant Balamand community. It is entrusted with the task of obtaining from outside sources the widest variety and highest quality of products and services for the University at reasonable cost. It strives to conduct procurement transactions on the basis of best professional conduct, making sure that our operations are fair, equitable, transparent, competitive, economical and impartial, without involving personal interests or arbitrary considerations. We comply with all relevant laws, regulations and aim at maintaining sound business relationships with suppliers, for mutual growth and development. The OPS selects the best or most appropriate suppliers after considering several factors such as the quality of goods and services supplied, prices, supply stability, leading technology and consideration for the environment. Another important factor that the OPS focuses on is dealing with local suppliers and vendors, when available, for contributing to the development of the local community. T: 06930250 | Ext: 1601 Email:

Office of Construction and Maintenance

The University of Balamand Construction and Maintenance Office takes pleasure and pride in building safe buildings and a well-suited environment for students and employees. Our mission is to plan, build and maintain our facilities in first-rate conditions. The Maintenance Team, which consists of full-time engineers, technicians, foremen and laborers, is also responsible for operations duties including construction management, solid waste management and green energy management. We recycle and dispose hazardous waste materials properly to insure that the safety of our students, faculty and staff members are well taken care of. T: 06-931-250 | Ext. 1357 Email:

Human Resources Office

The Office of Human Resources at University of Balamand is committed to meeting everyone’s needs by providing the highest level of service possible. We want everyone to feel they are respected, fairly treated listened to and involved. We want them to feel they have been provided with highly responsive and excellent service and continue to trust our organization. The Human Resources is responsible to the President of the University for planning, organizing and directing the operation and administration of services and programs to attract, support and motivate a highly talented, committed, and diverse workforce. T: +961 6 930 250 | EXT:1667 Email:

Office of Landscaping, Gardening and Agriculture

The office of Landscaping, Gardening and Agriculture ensures a clean and friendly environment for students and employees. The office functions include: - Designing and implementing landscape to generate a natural environment as per the University’s Master Plan - Plant gardening, care and feeding - Cleaning and restoration of forests in an environmentally friendly way

Admissions & Registration

The Office of Admissions & Registration plans, directs and manages all services related to student recruitment, admissions, and records. Records include Transcripts, Certificates and Documents; that can be requested from the Office of Admissions and Registration through a special form. more...

Office of the Development

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North America​

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Office of Data and Institutional Research

The Office of Data and Institutional Research acts as the university information clearing-house. Its mission is to support institutional management, operations, informed decision-making, planning functions, and accreditation. It is thus responsible for setting and implementing data policies as well as managing the collection, analysis and dissemination of accurate, timely, and unified information about the University’s environment and performance.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is committed to lead the digital transformThe Information Technology Department is committed to lead the digital transformation of the University, and to advance its overall mission by providing an integrated computing and communications infrastructure to support teaching and learning, optimize administrative processes and promote the strategic use of information technology.

The department currently provides:

  • •   Secure networking and telephony services
  • •   Email services
  • •   Storage and backup systems
  • •   Software applications and web development services
  • •   Video conferencing
  • •   Classroom and instructional technology
  • •   A web-based helpdesk application to facilitate support services
  • •   Maintains major enterprise software services such as:
    • - The Student Information System
    • - The Enterprise Resource Planning system
    • - The Learning Management Software
  • •   It also maintains over 1200 PC’s and Macs on campus by systemically updating them with the latest software patches and antivirus releases.

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) contributes to the educational mission of the University by offering services, programs and opportunities to students that nurture personal growth and help them towards the fulfillment of their needs and ambitions. Above all, the Office provides an exemplary living and learning environment that fosters engagement and innovation, enabling students to have a positive impact and act as agents of change in their respective communities. The OSA employs full-time and part-time dedicated team members who serve student needs and support their activities. more...

Office of the Public Relations

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