Early Assurance Program

The Early Assurance Program (EAP) at the University of Balamand is an opportunity for students, who have excelled in their course work and wish to join the School of Medicine, to receive assurance of admission by the end of their junior year.

To be eligible for the EAP, students must have finished their fourth semester at the end of the junior year and have completed most of the Premed courses by the end of their junior year with a standardized average more than 85 in both Premed and Major courses.

To submit your application for the Early Assurance Program, please click here and select EAP program under the Academic Information tab. Additionally, kindly forward the required documents to admissions@balamand.edu.lb.

Students accepted in the EAP are not required to take the MCAT exam but need to commit within one month of their acceptance.

Additional expectations include:

  • - Successful completion of the undergraduate studies while maintaining the same standardized average in Premed and Major courses.
  • - Their file should also include:
    • - A personal statement
    • - An official transcript
    • - Two letters of recommendation
    • - A List of the extracurricular activities and medically-related work experience (volunteering, shadowing, research)
    • - An interview with the admission committee of the medical school is required before a final decision for admission is taken.
For more information you may contact the Office of the Dean of Medicine by emailing EAP.FOM@balamand.edu.lb