JUNE 4, 2024

The SAT Reading Competition at UOB, Akkar

The SAT Reading Competition at UOB, Akkar

​The Issam Fares Faculty of Technology at the University of Balamand (UOB) – Beino, hosted the SAT Reading Competition for the first time in Akkar, organized by the Economic Emergency Committee. The event featured participation from 23 high schools and 130 top high school students.

Dr. Elie Karam remarked: "Akkar Governorate experienced a day of competitive spirit and enthusiastic engagement in English reading skills, marking the first event of its kind in the governorate, held at the Issam Fares Faculty of Technology, UOB." He also expressed gratitude to the Economic Emergency Committee for organizing the competition.

Dr. Khaled Aitani added: "The SAT Reading Competition highlighted remarkable creativity and intense competition among high school students from grades 10-11 from Akkar, Minyeh, Meryata, and Tripoli. The students demonstrated exceptional abilities in reading speed and text comprehension." He thanked the UOB in Akkar and all participating high schools, expressing his pride in this promising new generation that promises a bright future for Lebanon.​