JUNE 5, 2024

White Coat Ceremony Celebrates Medicine Students at UOB

White Coat Ceremony Celebrates Medicine Students at UOB

The Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences at the University of Balamand (UOB) celebrated an important milestone for 136 future doctors during its annual White Coat Ceremony. The event, held at the Koura Campus on 31 May 2024, symbolized the students' entry into the medical profession and their commitment to uphold the highest standards of care, compassion, and professionalism.

The celebration began with an address from Dr. Karim Echtay, in which he emphasized the responsibilities associated with wearing the white coat and its significance. He stated, " The white coat is more than just a symbol of medicine students’ profession; it is a symbol of trust, integrity, and humanity. It is a reminder that they hold the lives and the hopes of others in their hands, and that they must always strive to do no harm, to listen with empathy, and to treat each patient with dignity and respect”.

Following Dr. Echtay's speech, student Mohammed Mneimneh highlighted the strong commitment of the Faculty of Medicine's family at UOB and its dedicated efforts towards advancing academic standards within the university.

Dr. Sami Azar, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, addressed the students, saying: “As you move into your clinical years, embrace both the art and science of medicine. Stay curious, stay humble, and never stop learning. Medicine is a constantly evolving field, and the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong journey. Engage with your patients, learn from your mentors, and support your peers. The relationships you build and the experiences you gain will shape you into the kind of physician who makes a difference.”

The White Coat Ceremony held at UOB marked a significant milestone, honoring the accomplishments of the upcoming medical professionals. The faculty and administration congratulate the students who donned their white coats, confident that these future doctors will uphold the university's commitment to excellence, compassion, and the pursuit of knowledge in the medical field.